iPads are fantastic learning tools for your children. I have used educational apps successfully with both my daughters from age 4-8 and have also seen how well they can be used in school.
They offer an engaging and new approach to learning and often what a child achieves is way beyond your expectations.
The educational apps available are constantly evolving and becoming more and more geared to the UK primary market. Apps are often geared a specific age range e.g Ks1 and have various levels allowing your child to work at their own relevant level which is both accessible and challenging. Some apps even track your child’s progress.
One key point I would make is to enable the restrictions before handing over to any child so that you can be safe in the knowledge that the child is only viewing the content you deem appropriate. Personally I always switch off Safari, YouTube and only enable apps which are appropriate for the age of my children. It’s amazing how easily a young child can access countless YouTube videos!


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