RM Easimaths/RM Maths at home

RM produce a fantastic program for any parent or teacher wishing to enhance their children’s maths skills. Children can use this independently and it delivers activities which are appropriate  to the child’s level of ability and knowledge.

Originally running from a cd there is now a new version RM Easimaths which is an online program which costs £34.99 per year (Jan2013).

My daughters have been using the original version for the past two years and it has supported and built upon what they have learnt in school. They enjoy the interactive activities and since a score is provided at the end of every session they are keen to work on it again to improve their score.

Each session lasts around 15 mins, though this can be changed if less or more time is needed. Unlike some other maths resources it covers a range of aspects such as number, shape, pattern, measures, calculation etc.

Parents/teachers can check on the child’s progress and also any areas of difficulty.

Overalll a fantastic resource which can provide years of support and interactive learning.


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