Easter Activities

Easter is on its way, despite the inclement weather and recent snow! Two weeks of no school and for those still teaching this week a few days to prepare for the holiday whilst also keep the children focussed and learning.
There are a multitude of Easter themed activities that can be completed either at home or at school and make learning fun.

1. Easter Poems
Easter is such a visual time of year with images of eggs, chicks, lambs, flowers and most of all chocolate popping into children’s heads at the very mention of the word. Why not channel your children’s imagination and get them to compose an Easter poem! Acrostic, egg-shaped or featuring only E-words the theme is up to you and can be tailored to the needs and ability of your children.

2. Egg Hunt
Turn your Easter egg hunt into a quest, leave clues or riddles that children must read in order to find the eggs or have maths questions that children must solve along the route.

3. Egg decorating
Many of us remember the trauma of boiling an egg to decorate it with feathers, pva and felt tip only for it to crack before we have chance for any adornment. Often simply colouring or creating a pattern on an egg on a sheet of paper can be much easier to organise. Children can be asked to make symmetrical patterns or use certain shapes to make their patterns. For those of you who are more adventurous using real or plastic eggs can in 3D creations can be a great way to explore your children’s creativity.

4. Chocolate science
Why not use the chocolate theme to experiment with chocolate. Investigate whether white, milk or dark chocolate melts the quickest and for older children at what temperature. Find out how long chocolate takes to set and whether flavour, colour or ingredients has any effect, you could even make your own chocolate truffles or eggs. Finally smarties in warm water make for a great colour mixing experiment for younger children.

5. Web-based resources
There are a multitude of resources online for use at Easter. Some of my favourites are TES resources , DLTK activities and 10 Ticks Maths .

Happy Easter!


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