Parental control for Ipad & iPhone

I recently found myself searching for something which would allow me to give my children access to Internet on the Ipad but without allowing them to be exposed to the dangers of unsuitable and offensive content. I had previously resorted to using the Ipad settings to turn off Safari whenever the children used it, however this was leading to frequent frustration, especially from my 8 year old who likes to research every question that pops into her head!
I have now found three Ipad/iPhone apps that allow parents to control what their children see and can access. The first is (priced £0.69) which also has a lite version which is free, so its useful for trying before you buy.
The second is (priced £0.69) which has been developed by a leading child psychiatrist.
The final one is (priced £2.99) which will also send parents daily or weekly reports on their child usage if needed.
Any of these are certainly worth trying as we try to make our children safe, informed and knowledgable users of the latest learning technology.


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