Using video games to inspire writing

I have recently taken on a new pupil for 1:1 tuition who needs support with his writing and whilst trawling online for an idea which would engage him, I came across After spending years bemoaning the fact that many of the children in my class were more interested in computer games than anything else, I finally found a way to combine their passion for gaming with developing their writing skills.
I started the session by looking at the Angry Birds video on The Literacy Shed website and then had an animated but productive discussion of the child’s previous knowledge of the characters. I then used an idea from this excellent blog – where he suggests using pictures from Angry Birds and the Skitch app. The app is free, easy to navigate and was a great way to generate and record captions. The work can also be saved and shared once complete.
My pupil was keen to write down his ideas and was able to use his knowledge of the characters and the story behind the game in his writing. His enthusiasm for the game assisted him with his writing rather than distracting him from the task and I know that I will be able to use the idea again for further work on adjectives and adverbs to describe the personality, feelings and behaviour of the Angry Birds characters. 2013-06-18 13.28.08


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